A Look into Both Sides of The Other Side

By Levi Leffler

Angst is often seen as a bleak virtue, yet R&B artist, Chxrry22, uses this to her advantage helping to add emotion and providing a third eye to the introspection she reveals through her music. Her newest EP, The Other Side, presents conversations through storytelling, covering topics of anxiety, loneliness, independence, and most prominent: duality. 

Originally from Toronto–after gaining an audience from posting online–Chxrry22 moved to Atlanta and started working with producer, Sensei Bueno. Quickly gaining momentum, she signed with XO Records and started recording The Other Side. It was this big move that she stated gave her a newfound confidence and helped shape the different moods on The Other Side. “Call Me” and “Wasteland” show Chxrry’s autonomy and confidence in herself, contradicting other songs like “Alone” and “Do It Again” which reflect on past situations and ask questions rather than answer them. This constant emotional flux sends the listener through a rollercoaster of contemplation, making it unique compared to other projects. After talking with Chxrry22, it was obvious that she wanted to take a personal approach to the project. She states: “stories will always reflect what I go through,” consistently going back to the motif of duality. It’s this repeating theme that helps bring together both parts of the album, showing a sense of understanding. The contradiction of feelings helps shine a light onto the fact that “nobody is perfect,” with Chxrry22 saying she would tell her past self so bottled with anxiety, it would be to just “chill the fuck out.” The Other Side carries a prominent yet kindred tone, making them relatable and personable. The common cliches of heartbreak and unknowingness of the future provide more insight to Chxrry22 as an artist and contain a relatable aspect that many listeners can adhere to. The Other Side provides a beautiful introduction to the insight of Chxrry22 and what she has to bring to the table. 

“what good is love? Love if it’s plastic. Give me fireworks and hat tricks, I’m talkin’ magic. I need a love, deep as the ocean.”

Chxrry22, “Wasteland”

The short runtime of twenty minutes seems inaccurate as the enchanting lyrical vortex sucks you in with each listen. One of traits that attributes to this idea is Chxrry22’s ability to create a setting within each song; “Call Me” conjures up images of dimly lit neon lights and a puzzled relationship starting to lose its core. Even the song “The Falls,” puts listeners in the middle of Niagara Falls with the main chorus saying, “he had me at Niagara Falls, missin’ all your calls, we was in the moment losing all control, getting deep inside, felt alive, can’t say I’m sorry, I’ve got too much pride.” What Chxrry22 is able to achieve with setting is consistent with what she accomplishes in her tone. “Wasteland” is a perfect example of how Chxrry22 knows what she wants and is unconcerned with what anybody else thinks. She states: “what good is love? Love if it’s plastic. Give me fireworks and hat tricks, I’m talkin’ magic. I need a love, deep as the ocean.” The lyrical aesthetic is seemingly complimented by the ambient production that encompasses most of the tracks. With lots of traits and cuts similar to label contemporary, The Weeknd, The Other Side holds a tranquil feel giving the tracks depth and a sense of wonder. “Do It Again” makes you feel as if you’re listening underwater with its calming synth and fantasy-like effects. The simplicity and immersiveness of the production compliments Chxrry22’s catchy melodies and gives The Other Side a tonal depth that makes it distinct to other albums. 

When talking with Chxrry22, her bubbly and humble attitude towards music and life in general beamed through. Chxrry22 goes against the negative people constantly attacking artists and acts as an aid saying “I know that a lot of people don’t have access to people to talk too and I wanted my music to be an escape for the people who connect with the same things.” The linear connection between Chxrry22’s personality and her music shines through and shows the emotional versatility of The Other Side. While it’s mainly categorized under R&B, the album carries elements of pop and soft rock. Wanting to prioritize these unique influences, when asked where she fit into modern R&B Chxrry22 “doesn’t think anybody fits in.” Concerned about her fans and herself she simply “tries to pushe the envelope and talk about what others don’t want to talk about.” Taking this stand reinstates Chxrry22 as a strong voice in R&B with The Other Side simply being the catalyst for the young singer. With strong sentimental elements and an enchanting independent voice, Chxrry22 creatively expresses her own feelings on The Other Side curating a fresh new take on R&B. 

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    So well written!!


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Angst is often seen as a bleak virtue, yet R&B artist, Chxrry22, uses this to her advantage. By Levi Leffler.

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